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Searching for the Right Home

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Once you've finally managed to put together enough for a down payment, it's time to begin searching for the right home to meet your needs. Buying a place to live is probably going to be the biggest purchase you'll make in your lifetime. But, panic doesn't have to be part of the process. Getting the best value for your money in the housing market isn't all that difficult; it's just a matter of knowing how to go about it. You've probably got a pretty good idea generally of how and where you want to live. Now is the time, before you go out looking, to make a list of everything you want in a house. Write it all down.

Money Matters

You'll also need to get an objective evaluation of your buying power. It helps to seek the advice of your bank or other mortgage lender to find out how much of a down payment you can manage, along with what your mortgage limit might be.

What's Important

Don't be swayed by the cosmetics. If you're going to be a canny buyer, concentrate on the major systems and the structure, which are the most expensive items to repair or replace.


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