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Mechanical and Electrical Fixtures

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Keep Your Home in Working Order
Increase your home's chance of being sold by ensuring that the mechanical and electrical components are in working order.


    Be sure light switches, lamps and fixtures (inside and outside the home) are working properly and all light bulbs have

    appropriate wattage.

    Remember, bright light can make a small space appear larger

    Softer light can provide a warm, cozy atmosphere to empty spaces


    Re-enamel, patch or replace badly chipped or stained fixtures

    Repair noisy toilets and faucets that leak or spray water

    Ensure that sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets are working properly

Heating and Cooling Equipment

    Ensure that heaters and air conditioners are working properly

    Clean floor and wall ducts

Additional Fixtures

    Check batteries in smoke detectors

    Be sure security systems are working properly


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