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Tips for Showing Your Home

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Appeal to the Homebuyers' Senses

Once you've prepared your home for sale, keep a checklist of items to help you showcase your property to potential homebuyers. Remember that your home will be judged not only on its outward appearance, but also on the feelings it evokes in those who view the property.


    Use light to showcase your home

    Open draperies in the daytime and turn on lights (day and night) to accentuate a cheerful atmosphere

    If you have a fireplace, burn a Duraflame log

    Remove any potentially offensive posters or signs


    Consider playing soft background music while people tour your home

    If there is exterior noise, such as traffic or nearby construction, work with your sales associate to schedule showings around

    noisy times of day


    Grinding fresh lemon in a garbage disposal or boiling cinnamon sticks can add a clean, fresh scent

    Candles, potpurri and flowers look nice and smell pleasant

    Lingering scents of strong-smelling foods, smoke or pets should be aired out prior to showing the home


    Your home should appear livable

    Potential homebuyers may like to sit in a living area and visit with their sales associate


    Baking cookies or bread before showing the home adds a pleasant scent to the home

    Adding to the hospitable atmosphere, potential homebuyers may also appreciate a cookie or lemonade

Common Sense

    To ensure your safety, remember to remove keys, jewelry and other valuables from the home during showings

    Be sure to share necessary information with your sales associate and potential homebuyers

    Gather manuals and warranties on appliances in the home

    Make a list of items to be excluded from the sale of the home and whenever possible, remove them from the property.  (For

    example: an outdoor hot tub may look as though it is part of the home, but you plan to take it with you when you move.)


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